About Mobile Cameras

Mobile Cameras provides state of the art mobile CCTV camera trailer systems which speak for themselves. Launched by Adrian Francis who has over 30 years experience as a former Police Technical Surveillance Officer and his son Daniel, a highly experienced CCTV camera and alarm technician, the trailers are designed to be simple to operate yet have some the most sophisticated equipment installed currently available on the market.

We are not interested in supplying cheap trailers with cheap cameras that require a degree in information technology to operate. Our dedicated team has spent countless hours over many years developing a system to compliment our quick deploy TracknWatch live streaming and GPS tracked phone system and both systems are purely focused on supplying information quickly on any event or incident anywhere in the country.

It's all about rapid deployment and once we arrive at the site we can be live streaming to our clients within minutes. Using mobile signal boosters, solar panels and backup diesel generators our mobile CCTV camera trailers are designed for rapid deploy in any environmental conditions for extended periods.

Then you can choose the way you connect to the live stream, either integrate with your own software or utilise our recommended video management software used by the majority of our clients. We then create a password protected login on a webpage for instant access from your computer or phone.

Once connected you can use the 45x magnification zoom pan/tilt zoom camera or the one of the two 25x magnification cameras all mounted on a 9 metre high hydraulic mast to monitor events live whilst everything is being recorded.

We operate 7 days a week and can respond one of our mobile CCTV camera trailer units at short notice or send one of our mobile observers to anywhere in the country.