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    Smart CCTV Towers


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    Full 360 degrees perimeter alarms


Mobile Security Cameras

Mobile Security Cameras based in Perth WA provide a full range of rugged solar powered CCTV camera security towers and trailers for the remote monitoring of events and incidents across Western Australia including Perth, Bunbury, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Port Hedland, Karratha, Newman.

Mobile Security Cameras do not require any external power as they are powered by state of the art solar charging systems. They can be installed at any location with truck access and a level piece of ground. Each tower and trailer is fitted with advanced pan/tilt/zoom cameras so you can see your whole site and not just a fixed location. One of our towers can do the work of 4 of our competitors'.

All that is required for mobile security cameras is a 4G/5G signal so that clear high definition video can be live streamed straight to your phone or PC. Our CCTV mobile solar powered CCTV cameras and CCTV towers systems are widely used for effective monitoring of public events, security monitoring and the protection of life and property during natural disasters.

Mobile Security Cameras operate 24/7 and a phone call to our specialist team will lead to the ultimate in security and safety monitoring through our mobile CCTV camera and CCTV towers systems.

Our solar CCTV camera system range includes:

  • a 360 degree view of your site, with infrared lighting, so the cameras can see in the dark
  • On detection of an unauthorised vehicle or person, the cameras will automatically follow that vehicle or person sending alerts to selected recipients who can log in on their phone of computer to watch the incident live
  • Solar and electronic management systems which allow remote access to monitor all functions of the tower 24/7
  • Additional number plate recognition camera which records the number plates of vehicles day and night
  • Up to one month recording with easy retrieval of video footage through your phone or PC

Mobile camera setup for Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Recognition

Mobile Camera Trailers integrate seamlessly with AeroRanger Number Plate Recognition Software.

State-of-the-art camera trailers to meet all your surveillance needs

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Mobile Cameras Auto Tracking Demo

All the Mobile Camera CCTV Trailers are equipped with auto tracking so that they can be set to follow and record vehicles and/or persons 24/7 with no intervention from an operator. The video below is from a recent installation at a local community park with a high rate of vehicles were being broken into. Only 24 hrs after the trailer was installed the auto tracking recorded two person stealing road traffic signs and the two person were subsequently referred to Police.

Mobile Solar Towers in Action

A short demonstration of our Solar Mobile CCTV Smart Towers in action with live streaming video and phone alerts. Featuring auto human and vehicle tracking, number plate recognition and full remote control of the cameras on your phone, you can be assured that your asset/s are in safe hands.